What inspires me?

What is your inspiration? What gets you moving? …gets you through the days? What is the core of your being? What makes you the way you are? Well all of these questions can be answered by looking deep inside yourself and figuring out what your inspiration is. So now I am going to dig into my heart and soul to figure out what is my inspiration.  So I did a little looking, and the person I look up to so much is my older cousin, Nicholas. He has been through so many things, and seeing him cry makes me so sad.  He is such a fighter and he is the strongest person I know.  He has been through everything possible and now whenever I think that something is too hard or I need a little encouragement I think of all the strength he has.  I try to put all the strength he has into myself and strive, for me and for him. He is also a role model for me especially, and others as well. I look up to him and I am really inspired by all the bravery and courage he has. He is my inspiration, plain and simple.  For this post I tagged a hockeymom because I was wondering what gets a mother going throughout the day.

4 thoughts on “What inspires me?

  1. Heyyy,

    Love the pictures. I think that’s so cool that you look up to your cousin like that. I would be so mad to see my cousin cry too. This is really good post livs.


  2. i’m commenting on this one becuz i can’t comment on everything on your blog haha but i absolutely love your blog with all the pictures and the things you write are just fabulous!!! i wish i was as good at blogging as you are..omgoodnes it’s quite impressive (: keep up the fantastic work!!

    peace and luv

  3. Hi!
    I have just posted on taking it further 🙂
    Hope you will check it out and leave your comment 🙂
    have a nice day!! 🙂

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