End of the Year Reflection.

This school year is coming to an end. I am going to start off saying that this was one of my favorite teams in Moran Middle School. This year in social studies class was absolutely my favorite. I enjoyed it because I got to write or express myself in anyway I wanted. All of the projects I had to do really helped me grow as an individual. I had to show a side of me that I didn’t think I was ever going to. I always kept it to myself and when I would be writing on my blog I would just let it all out and I really enjoyed our weekly homework assignments. Aside from Mr. Bogush’s class math wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was really afraid of Mr. Scursso in the beginning of the school year and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through the rest of the year, but somehow I did. I even tried out for the track team which I didn’t think I was going to do. My friends encouraged me for so many things and I am so glad because I participated in many things this year. I went out for track, made it and loved it! I also was a part of the Lunch Time Leaders Podcast Crew. I loved when I got to interview people because it made me feel older and I like to do face to face, one-on-one type of thing. Language arts has been one of my favorite classes and this year was another great year of English. Mrs. Deleon was a great teacher and I would like the way she taught. On to my next subject, science. I never really liked science. I would just be in that class because I had to be. But this year I loved it; I think that it became one of my favorite classes. I can’t wait for next years science class! Mr. Nagel’s great sense of humor also made me love it even more. I was always laughing in that class and had a smile on my face. I know for sure that I am going to miss 8th grade when I am in high school. Another one of my favorite years was in 6th grade. I loved my teachers and the kids that were on the team with me. I will always remember Mr. Filipek. He had such a big heart! He would tell us life stories everyday and he touched every student that he had had in years of teaching. I still remember every story he told us, he started to cry one time and it really hit me and so did some of the other kids in the class. Last year, 7th grade was a very adventurous year. My team and I (team 7-3) went to Nature’s Classroom and I had such an amazing time. The group of kids I went with was great! I made so many memories there and many stories to tell. I love being a student at Moran because the teachers here are great and so are the kids. The unified arts teachers were great too. I remember in 6th grade when I first came here that I was astonished that we were going to have more than just art, gym, and music. We would have gym, art, wood, cooking, sewing, and metal classes. I grew so much over my three years at Moran Middle School. I became who I am today actually. I experienced my first crush here, and I had many other crushes here. I am glad to be leaving a little bit of a legacy behind. At the end of this year, Mr. Bogush made the students do a legacy project… so I hope that I left a good legacy. My favorite memory here at Moran would have to be… well I actually don’t have one. I have had so many incredible ones that I can’t even think of one in particular. I am going to miss this year so much. Thank-you James H. Moran Middle School for helping me grow throughout these amazing three years.


So I was off for three days because of Memorial Day Weekend and I was thinking of the things that happened back in the day and I was just imagining many things.  I had to visit a cemetary close to home for a project on the Civil War and I had to visit the graves of those who fought.  It was not actually as creepy as I thought it would be. I felt so moved or touched by the time I left teh cemetery.  It was such a significant feeling to know that so many people would risk their lives out their in war for us, slaves, our country or whatever the reason is.   Which also got me thinking about the people over in Iraq fighting for us right now, and how it was a little “funny” that it was Memorial Weekend.  I got to thinking about what it would take you to fight or go to war.  Some people wouldn’t second guess it and others might not feel so strongly and I don’t know if I would personally get out there and fight.  As much as I would want to do a part in it all, I am just not that physically brave.

Then to take your minds off of war and Memorial Weekend… I was helping my parents out gardening and doing some yard work and doing a little bit more thinking.  WOW! This weekend I did a lot of thinking.  I was imaging the world before us and the future and why people die and why can’t we live forever and what it was like to live back in the day.. I mean wouldn’t it be so cool if you were able to meet/see the people you are related. but “way back”.  I don’t know I was just fascinated I guess.  Then I was thinking about the town I live in now and I was actually imagining myself if it was like i don’t know say, 100 years back.. no more.. 200 years back.. eh, maybe a little less 150+ years and you were driving around in a horse and carriage.  I was just taking the time to really appreciate all the things I have today.  This weekend was a great weekend and I know I am writing this a little late because this weekend already happened but my computer crashed so right now I am on a foreign computer and I have not gotten used to it yet and that’s why I am posting it now.

Well, I was going to write about something totally different, but I started thinking again and then  I just started typing.. I was going to write about other things, but I was side-tracked by Memorial Day.  So anyway.. what did you do for Memorial Day this weekend?

[H E R O]

What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

There are many different types of heroes.  Those that are in comic books, featured in animated movies, or the hero that I am going to try and describe.  A hero to me is someone who can stick up for themselves and for others.  One that is brave all the time.  A person that accomplishes anything and can lead others.  A hero is a person that others look up to, kind of like a role model.  HERO!  Heroes save the world; they make the world a better place.  And even though there is no such thing as a Superman in our real world, someone can change your day around and lift your spirits.  That is a true hero.

When you hear of a hero, most people probably do think of Superman or The Incredibles, but others might think of the show Heroes.  Many people may interpret the meaning of a hero differently. According to dictionary.com hero means – a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  So a hero is a person who has courage and shows bravery during acts of good deeds.  A hero is someone you look up to to make everything better.  In some cases, there may be more than one hero.  A hero can be supernatural, superhuman.

When I hear ‘Hero’ I can’t not think of all of our soldiers.  That is what a true hero is.  All of those men and women show bravery and courage in their acts of good deeds.  These people are the heroes of today, and tomorrow.  They will always be classified under the category: hero.  Thank you.

Many people can be heroes to others, if they want to be, if they try to be.

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero,and everything I would like to be. I can fly higher than an eagle,’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.”

-Shirley Bassey

A little bit of Democracy.

Do you think the United States government should become more or less “democratic?”

Now, this question I have no idea how to approach.  I don’t know too much on the United States government in the own state it’s in right now.  So I am not sure if I am going to be answering this question correctly.  I know that democracy is ‘the people‘ and is directed by the people or their elected “agents” under an electoral system.  So, meaning the common people rule with the help of their political power.  I think that the way the U.S. government is right now is well kept.  I think we have enough democracy and freedom for the common people.  We are able to vote when we turn 18, an adult, and it’s completely our [the people’s] decision.  I don’t think we should entirely lose our democratic side either, which is why I like the way our government, the voting portion of it, the way it is.

Presidential Elections?

If the Electoral College was abolished, and people directly elected the President, what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

Well, I am not really understanding this question, but I am going to answer it the best I can.  I think it is asking who should be qualified to vote for the president if the Electoral College was gone.  I remember discussing this question in class now that I think about it and I was on the fence with the one because every time I chose a side my teacher persuaded me to the other side and then I would sway from side to side.  I think that you should be an adult; you have to be mature.  Some adults may not be mature, but they don’t have to vote if they don’t want to.  I just don’t think we should have teenagers and kids voting because some teenagers might have good inputs, but some others may not and that might also be the case with adults, but I think more with children.  You should probably be able to support yourself before you can vote also otherwise it wouldn’t really matter.  No race, age, gender should be discriminated because that is what our country is made up of, many different kinds of people.  But I don’t think that voting should be out-of-hand, I think that it should still be organized.

shades of…

This week for the blogging challenge we have to pick a color. The color I picked isn’t just simply one color, it’s a multiple.  It is the color of the sunset.  I choose these colors because I love the way they look together and because they get me thinking.  I think that the sunset helps me think and the colors are just very soothing to me… there are many soothing colors to me, like the color of the ocean or the color of the sand, but I went with the sunset.  I love the way it looks.  It is so beautiful and gracious.  I can stare at the sunset for hours.  If you’ve noticed many pictures on my blog involve the sun or sunset.  Looking at these colors and the sun lets my mind wander and get to thinking.  I can think for hours on end… I start on one topic and work my way down.  It also helps me reach me, like the inner me.  I find my core and I think that it holds me together.  I always am noticing the sun and taking pictures of it.  There is really nothing else that I can say because then I would just be repeating myself.  I especially love sunsets over the water because the color combination is just completely breath- less.   I call it my sunset of possibilities.

And these images their colors show my true colors and thats why I love them.  They make me feel brave and I tend to forget about the time when I watch them fade into the ground and into my heart&soul.  It is like my heaven before I die.

What is the most dangerous thing you can ask?

Well, when I was thinking about this question I came up with an answer really quick… and I also don’t know why I said it, but I am going to use it as my most dangerous things you can ask someone.

Will you marry me?

I thought this was a very dangerous question, but not meaning an “oh, I’ll kill you” type of dangerous.  When I thought of this reason, I needed to have a reason why to back me up.  So I think it is dangerous because when someone asks you that it means they want to spend the rest of their life with you and that they want to commit them self to you and only you.  That is a major thing, which is why I picked that.  Hearts can easily be broken and damaged and I thought that was another way it could be “dangerous”.  Well I don’t really have anything else I can say about this… so what do you think that most dangerous thing you can ask is?

The Trail of Tears

For a social studies class I had to write a story about The Trail of tears.

My daughter and I traveled by wagon train and foot. Mostly the elder and the small children were in the wagon trains and the rest of us walked. My other daughter died of small pox while crossing the Mississippi river. I would get such bad chills I want sure if I was even moving anymore, it was just one foot in front of the other. I was separated from my husband and traveled this with my daughters. From day to day the little ones piteously cried form weariness, hunger, and illness. We were forced to walk. We would all sing songs that sang “We are going to our homes and land; there is One who is watching above and ever watches over us, He will care for us.” None of us had proper attire and my feet would leave bloody foot prints in the snow after me. The Government men in charge of this journey promised me my claims and my money on their way over, but it never showed.

We called this trail Nunna- da- ul- tsun- yi, meaning “The place where we cried”. Many of our people died. We were forced to leave our homes because the whites had struck gold in Northern, Georgia. We lacked food, water, and the essential clothing needed to for the cold, winter weather. So many people were dying of starvation, exposure to the cold, and disease.

In this picture I am the older woman telling the journey of the life I lived while being forced to travel The Trail of Tears.

What action would your name be if it was a verb?

What action would your name be if it was a verb?

Ex. If your name was Matilda…

and someone said “Everyone Matilda after class” what would everyone do?

Hrm… well I have a lot of actions that create me.  So technically I can’t be one verb, but I have to pick one so the one I pick would have to be laughing.  I’m not going to go into detail with this post because in past posts I have written how laughing expresses me and why.  I am always laughing and it helps me cope with things, it’s kind of like a medicine for me.  It makes me feel all happy inside too which is why I picked laughing.  When I see someone laughing it makes me happy because they are having a good time and they are enjoying themself.  Well there is nothing else I can say that I haven’t already said in the past. So laughing describes me.Laughing is my action.

What inspires me?

What is your inspiration? What gets you moving? …gets you through the days? What is the core of your being? What makes you the way you are? Well all of these questions can be answered by looking deep inside yourself and figuring out what your inspiration is. So now I am going to dig into my heart and soul to figure out what is my inspiration.  So I did a little looking, and the person I look up to so much is my older cousin, Nicholas. He has been through so many things, and seeing him cry makes me so sad.  He is such a fighter and he is the strongest person I know.  He has been through everything possible and now whenever I think that something is too hard or I need a little encouragement I think of all the strength he has.  I try to put all the strength he has into myself and strive, for me and for him. He is also a role model for me especially, and others as well. I look up to him and I am really inspired by all the bravery and courage he has. He is my inspiration, plain and simple.  For this post I tagged a hockeymom because I was wondering what gets a mother going throughout the day.